Bubble jacket

What I'm wearing. Zipper leggings from HM, Suede Wedges from Skopunkten, Black button down top from HM, Black knitted loop scarf, Ring from HM, Bubble jacket from Everest.

This Jacket is way to warm, it's not as cold here as it is in Sweden, but it's still a bit chilly and I'm so used to throw this jacket on but I find myself sweating shortly after. :D omg. Don't worry though, I did bring a lighter jacket, I'm def. pulling that one out tomorrow. So today has def. been a lazy Sunday, football games are on so of course J's on that, and I've been watching Kendra re-runs and something called Bridal Plasty, which I got really hooked on. Brides that compete for the (seriously) perfect wedding, includding plastic surgery. Sick.

I've been thinking about giving myself new years resolutions. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to...But, I think I'm gonna settle on 3 New year resulotions.
1. Eat more healty.
2. Get my US visa.
3. Be more creative.

What' is/are your New year resolution/s?


Anonymous said…
You look great :)

lovely photos of you! great resolutions as well!
Anonymous said…
I had the same jacket problem when it was snowing a lot in Belgium... I took the one I used to pick when I was in Sweden & it was perfect as long as I was OUTSIDE. Inside the mall, it was just unbearable!

And your first resolution is mine as well :)
Aaaaand as I previously said, I've finally started my own fashion blog for 2011 :)... No outfits posted yet though hahaha but it will be fixed today!
Zatine said…
Det ser ut att vara en helt lagom vinter där borta. Inte 5 meter snö som här haha.
Hoppas du har det bra bruden!
Eva said…
You look great! :)
My first new year resolution is to live more healthy - eat healthier food and go to gym more often (96% of women lists that as a ny resolution haha), 2. learn more and get better grades, finish the year with all A's, 3. make more blog posts. :) please check out my blog - http://fashionistas-diary.blogspot.com xoxo
Gazel M. said…
I also want to eat healthier.
I want a puffy jacket but my bf says I look like a Marshmallow. I just want one for the colder days, yanno?

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