Dumplings and pizza slices

What I'm wearing: Black leggings from VILA, Over size top from HM, Wedges from Skopunkten, Knitted loop scarf, Jacket from Åhléns FRK.

So yesterday I had two of my favorite foods here, we're so lucky have a genuin Italian restaurant and a kick ass genuin Chinese restaurant as well down the boulevard, walking distance. I LOVE! I had Chinese for Lunch, with...my all time favorite, DUMPLINGS!!! (Hard to find in Sweden, if any at all.) And 2 pizza slices for dinner. Delizioso!!! 
What's your favorite food?
 OMG, this is how I gained weight this summer, all this FOOD! I love...you end up eating out like almost everyday, when I'm here it's like I'm on a food quest! haha. well, as long as I eat smaller portions I'm good. No Super size ;)

Also, I've finaly found something for the giveaway I'm gonna host, I'll make a video about later. stay tuned.

Thanks for reading lovelies.


I love pizza! Infact, anything with cheese! Cute pictures, those houses look so charming. xo
estroJen said…
If you want a great Spain/Protugueze restaurant for seafood and all kinds of delish food go to Forno's in Newark on Ferry street. A little pricey but an excellent place for a romantic dinner!! There are ton's of places to eat in NJ, it's hard not to gain weight or be thicker around here!!

and Pizza is my favorite!! I love that you can get pizza everywhere in NJ...also have you tried a Chinese Buffett...omg...there are some banging buffets as well...

Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair also has tons of restaurants within a few blocks...you can find almost every type of food there..

(I can go on and on about food girlfriend)


Yicell said…
oh pizza <3 I kill for a chesse burger with fries :( Right now!
oh lovely are your outfits, I've been following you for a couple of months now:)! I'm becoming quite the fashion freak right now.
Loving the Sephora kit you had for xmas! Here in my country we dont have Sephora neither :( I suffer.
Grettings from Venezuela :)
Marian said…
i love tuna&corn pizza!! i ate it in Germany almost every weekend! i love potatoes! so potatoes with something or just alone is my fave food! x
thomessa said…
Your outfit is so cute, you look great! I lovee Chinese food! One summer I ate it constantly so I know how you feel! My fave food is ice cream, I could eat it all day!
Franceta said…
You are so adorable! I wish my jacket was as nice as yours, mine is lighter :( I go crazy for REALLY good sushi! I crave it often, and when I get it I go crazy LOL
Anonymous said…
You and i are food soul mates. i love Chinese food and Italian food. dumplings and pizza are the best!

lovely outfit by the way :)
Zatine said…
Jag drömde precis att jag beställde en pizza med dumplings på...efter att jag läste ditt inlägg...scary!

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