Fantastic obesession!

Who doesn't love shoes? These are on my wish list right now from Skopunkten, the shop with the amazing deal buy 2 pairs get the 3rd pair for free. Dangerous. I should save money, yes, but I really want to buy new shoes. Shoes are great, they will always fit you and complete your outfit of the day, seriously, you can wear them until they break...unique shoes, comfortable shoes, Boots, wedges, summer sandals...etc. We girls need them all!
I got a slight problem though, I need help with deciding which 3 pairs to get out of the 4 above.


MD said…
I bought a pair just like those tall black ones but they didn't tie nicely around my calves so I had to return them! The black, grey and brown chelsea boots are all awesome!

Eva said…
I absolutely adore 1,2,3 (from the left to the right)! ♥
The Chelsea boots, grey wedges, and black lace-ups get my vote FOR SURE.
Natalie Mulford said…
Shoes are awesome! I would buy a new pair every week if I had the funds. They are all great but the first pair (black lace up) are a MUST!
Anonymous said…
I'm into boots as well! super cute!
Unknown said…
Mycket snygga faktiskt! Det fantastiska är ju priserna där :D
Mode Plus said…
i think the two wedges and the lace boots are great picks. You can take them into SS11 so you'll get the best out of the purchase. I think you would kick-ass (excuse my french) with those lace boots. Good luck on the choices!

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