First OOTD of 2011

What I'm wearing: Jumper from HM, Zipper Jeggings from HM, White socks with lace ruffles from Lindex, Suede Wedges from Skopunkten, Earrings from Lindex.

Hope you all had a great New years eve night/celebration. I spent it at home with Jay with somet snacks and soda watching the live show from Time Square. I've never seen it on live TV before, the ball drop and everything. It was nice, cool, something new. What I do missed here last night was the fireworks, in Sweden it's not illegal to buy and light your own fireworks so on New years all households go out at midnight and light fireworks so you can literally see fireworks everywhere! I missed that...
After an exhausting flight trip I didn't have any energy to do anything else but to sit in and watch the whole thing on TV. So 2011...we're not getting any younger. :P 
How did you celebrate the new year?

ps. created a tumbler page a week ago, I've been starting to update it a little bit, do visit and follow if you like :)


Gazel M. said…
Back in the Philippines it was legal to do that as well. I looked forward to the scent of the fireworks (I don't know, I'm weird) and seeing the light show that seemed to never end from Christmas until the New years.

You look great.

And as for me, I am celebrating it with my bf's family. It's quite tame, but meh.
Anonymous said…
You look adorable! i love the boots!
simplymayraaa said…
love love love your earrings!
Anonymous said…
For me it was a quiet night at home with Mum & sis, enjoying nice drinks et nice food, watching Dreamgirls... It was basically a very girly night haha!

Happy New Year again :)
Franceta said…
You, with a bun, I ♥ it SO much.

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