Leo Overload

 Shoes from ASOS.com, Bow from Ginatricot, the rest from HM.

 MMmmm, Leopard prints. Risky? Tacky? Hell no...I love Leopard prints, I can see myself this summer wearing a leo print MAXI dress with my denim jacket and my white converse. Dressed down, comfortable, fierce! ;) As long as you don't only wear leo prints I think it's ok. HM has a lot of awesome pieces out now, maxi dresses, harem pants and even jumpsuits that I wanna lay my hands on. Thoughts?

I'll post the giveaway tomorrow :)


socialitedreams said…
OMG, those shoes on the bottom row!!! wow, they are so freaking gorgeous

Leopard! Definite yes, I just had my ASOS Leopard Bowler Bag sent to me so I am very pleased to be carrying some leopard around all the time. I also like the leopard flats since i can't balance on heels and i think there's room for a leopard cardi and a clutch in my life.
Anonymous said…
I really like the choices you picked! especially the heels and bikini top!

giveaway? yay :)
Alexandra said…
These are all awesome! I love using leopard print as a fiesty pattern for accessories like all the stuff shown here. I am in LOVE with my leopard print scarf and currently thinking about some shoes!
vc said…
SO cute!! I have the leopard print scarf from H&M and I love it! Those t-strap Maryjanes are awesome...I want them!!
Ola Dipo said…
i am also feeling the leo oberload! who isn't?
Marian said…
i don't like animal print. just snake one for my wallet and notebook. maybe i should try something. x
Hi beautiful! Well, you know how I feel about leopard :D I was just making a mental note of that leo clutch and a leo summer dress in the new H&M catalouge :) I am so ready for spring and summer!<3
I like leopard as an accent and only sometimes as a statement. It has to be just the right piece in order for it to work as a major element.

I just received a leopard print scarf from my mom for Christmas, but it's thin and kind of short. I'm on the look out for a flowy, gauzy black scarf or cowl to layer it with.


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