Living in sweats

From HM, Hm Wishes.

 Being sick and all I'm back to basic with my wardrobe, I've been living in my sweats and t-shirt. I listen and weep got myself into a bra today. omg. I've been so out of energy. I've taken a few bites of my food, felt sick and then rolled around bed and fallen asleep again, I've been doing that all afternoon, sleeping and eating, drinking Honey in hot water, taken mints, eaten lots of fruits. So right now I feel better, but you never know how you'll feel the day after when you wake up in the morning, I felt like the biggest crap ever this morning, my throat....*sigh* razor blades....razor blades my friends. :( I need a hug.


Unknown said…
love your choices!!
Anonymous said…
Aaaww big KRAM for you!
Love the clothes too, you should wear all of these with a black blazer in addition: it would be the perfect mix between casual & chic :)!
jijilovesyou said…
hi jennifer,
*hugs* sorry to hear that you're ill. i've had that 'razor blade' feeling before, couldn't even drink water because it was too painful. in the end i went to doctor and i had strep throat. he gave me some antibiotics and lozenges. i could eat again after 3 days! i wouldn't wish that on anyone coz it hurts just so bad! hope yours isn't strep throat.
lots of love from malaysia.
dc said…
Hope you'll fell better!
Otherwise, I love you choices!
I'm crazy about grey mix sweater with heels!
Mode Plus said…
A virtual hug, no better a virtual group hug for you :)
Anonymous said…
I hope you feel better, and I'm sure you look good in anything you put on :)

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