1. earrings from F21. 2. Emilio Pucci ss11. 3. ASOS CURVE Jersey Wrap Front Dress. 4. ASOS CURVE Slash Neck Lace Dress. 5. ASOS CURVE Waisted T-Shirt Dress. 6. Lanvin ss11. 7. Statement necklace from F21. 8 Hm "Splash of color". 9. River Island Across Body Satchel. 10. Feline ring from F21. 11. Chunky Heel. 12. Nina Ricci ss11 Make-up. 13. Emilio Pucci ss11 shoe. 14. Ring from F21. 15. Chunky Chanel heel.

This is the longest I've been sick in a really long time, it started this Tuesday. I'm so happy I've been able to stay home sick from work to feel better, today I'm feeling much better, just flemmy and still coughing a little bit. Hallelujah!! Jay laughed at me when I told him I called in sick for work, he was like "When you move to the US you're never gonna be able to call in sick for that." "Sore throat, So? go to work!" haha, eh, I don't know, but it feels like work conditions in US and Sweden are like Day and Night. I'm gonna have to get used to that.  Anyway, today I've just, again, been inside and resting. This whole weekend I've finished watching so far all episodes of season 2 Jerseylicious. And watched Jersey Shore. Can you tell I miss Jersey? :P I do...but most of all Jay, my little baby seal. (he looks like one.)


Unknown said…
hope you get better soon. i'm sick too so i understand you so well

lots of love
Your virtual moodboard is so nicely done up!
Anonymous said…
I love 3, 4 and 5! great choices!
Christina said…
Hope you feel better soon hun! Even though this mood board is really amazing, I miss seeing your awesome OOTD's!! ;)

Much Luv,

-Christina <3
Love your Mood Board!!!
Anonymous said…
It's spelled SORE not soar. Soar is when you SOAR through the sky. Silly!
Anonymous said…
It's funny 'cause the first time I saw the dress #5 on ASOS website, I thought it would look perfect on you :)
And I looove those earrings!
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StephanieDJL said…
ooo I love this! I hope you feel better soon bb :)

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