New cut

What I'm wearing: Knitted top from HM, leggings from Lindex, wedges from Skopunkten, ring from HM.

So I cut my hair. FREEDOM!! :P I think this is the shortest cut I've had in two years or so, I was feeling really bored with my long hair and needed a change, It's a new year, time for a new cut. Thoughts? :)
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Eva said…
Omg short hair!!!!
It looks so good on you!

fashionista's diary
xoxo eva
Unknown said…
Your new hair cut is super cute! Pretty sweater too :)
Adrienne said…
OMG you can totally rock this! Love it :)

Gazel M. said…
Eeek. I loved your long hair!
Maybe you should go all the way and make it a bob or a "boy" cut haha. Ooo.
dc said…
Love your new hair, pretty cute!
~Rachel~ said…
Ooh, I love it! I'll admit when I first saw the title I thought, oh no she cute her beautiful hair! But now after seeing the pics I like your new cut much better! It looks so clean and it is very pretty. Great change! :-)
Anonymous said…
Aaaaah I was just wondering why u were talking about short hair in ur previous post. Love it, it suits u well!
Zatine said…
Like Like Like Like Like!!!
StephanieDJL said…
Cuteee, I love it! :)
Cute is cute no matter what!
L & V said…
love the new cut! very cute!
(loving' Linda)
Anonymous said…
i LOVE your new cut! bold move. cute sweater :)
Leslie said…
Cute! It looks really good on you. :)
Natalie Mulford said…
Thoughts - I LOVE IT! It looks fantastic! It's a great in between length! Not too long, not too short! Does your head feel lighter after the cut?

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