Omg, SNOW!?

Christmas lights deco. around the traffic circle, love it.
Hi everyone, OMG what a boring Friday this has been, I have seriously done nothing else but;
1. Eating
2. Watching TV
3. Eat a little more...
4. Watch some more TV...
5. Poop.
6. Pee.
7. Fart.
8. Nap.
I haven't been able to do much, since today has been a "snow day", I heard people talk about it yesterday at the grocery store, it was beyond busy there, and people were so worried, almost shitting their pants cause there was gonna snow a lot today. lol. :P like the end of the world. Gotta stock up!
So I have...omg, seriously not been outside ALL day, I feel like a cave woman. the furthest I've come today is to the front door to recive our home delivery of pizza slizes and a Chicken parm. Sandwich. Yum!
Hope you all have had a nice day.


Gazel M. said…
That's what I hate about going to my boyfriends house in Quebec! No car so it's absolutely BOOOORING. Hahaha.
Anonymous said…
Today was a boring day for me as well. i am in NYC for the holidayas and i had to stay in due to the snow but i enjoyed it while i had it :)

enjoy your rest of your time here love!
Eva said…
Hahaha, it's so funny when people get so upset about snow when I'm in warmer places :D And than there's like 15cm of snow max. lol.
And I laughed @ the list :D

fashionistas diary
xoxo, eva
Mode Junkie said…
don´t you just love home delivery? i would die without it! :)
how have you been babe?

xoxo Mode Junkie ♥
Unknown said…
Haha, överdriver dom? Men ibland är det bara skönt att slappa, men personligen kan jag känna att allt känns så himla meningslöst. Kram
thomessa said…
People here do the same thing when it's about to snow, there's nothing that really great about it, but they seem to be so happy about it! I haven't stepped a foot outside today either!

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