OOTD Finally

What I'm wearing: Top from New York and Co. Jeggings from Faith21, Cardigan from HM, Shoes from Charlotte Russe, Ring from The wild. Brown/Mocca lipstick.

Yay! I'm finally out, outside and doing an OOTD, I'm so happy I'm feeling better, Thank god! Today I did some errands in the city, did mostly grocery shopping cause all weekend I've had no food, so I've been eating noodles everyday, and to be honest I'm getting a little bit sick of noodles by now, I do LOVE noodles, but...we need variety though, variety. :) 
Also it's getting warmer in Sweden, YES! I was sweating inside the shops, and my brother only wore a leather jacket and was cool. So...I promise it wasn't that cold outside when I took these pictures, and I was really quick, don't wanna get sick again.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
i really enjoy those shoes. glad you're feeling better!
L & V said…
glad to hear you are feeling better. those shoes look fab!
Anonymous said…
You look great! i am in love with your new haircut!!!
Christina said…
So happy that you are feeling better! :) You look lovley, and those shoes are pretty amazing! =D

-Christina <3
thomessa said…
Gorgeous photos. Love your shoes!
So beautifully FAB! Love the boots.
Your hair looks so healthy, shiny and gorgeous! I await the day when I can finally go for a hair treatment again :)
Natalie Mulford said…
You look amazing! I am loving those boots!!
CurvyGirlChic said…
Glad you're feeling better! <333 You look fabulous--glad that Sweden's getting warmer! :D

xo Allison
Unknown said…
Vad fin du är! Gillar verligen din topp :D Visst är det skönt att det börjar bli finare väder, så skönt att nästan all snö är borta från trottoarerna (iaf här).
Mode Plus said…
That you guys still have snow. It all melted over here. Good to read you're feeling better health wise. You have killer boots on, I can just look. No heels for me.
Unknown said…
i love this outfit. its something i would totally wear as my winter outfit here in florida lol
Nice outfit. Looks great.:)

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