What I'm wearing: Nude top from HM, Black mini skirt from HM, Stockings from HM, Earrings from ALDO, Lace up boots from Skopunkten. Knitted loop scarf, Jacket from FRK.

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a great day so far. I've been just chilling at home watching TV and trying to dear life to upload a giveaway video, but it's not working for me...Jason's laptop is being difficult. When I upload the video to youtube the sound and picture isn't in sync. Damn it! I don't think there's gonna be a video guys, I'm sorry, but I WILL post the giveaway a bit later. :)

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jenn !

I really love this outfit & especially the tights

Happy new year

oh I am so glad you are with your honey again! you look hot indeed hon, smouldering! I love the tights, the hair, everything about it :) puss puss
Franceta said…
Have I expressed how much I love you? No, okay well I FREAKING LOVE YOU & YOUR STYLE! :D ♥

p.s. you should join the Pay It Forward 2011 challange, I totally know what I would make you ;) lol
WElcome back to the states! :) ANd I am so jealous of your houndstooth tights!
Ontheqtrain said…
Wear your hair like that everyday. Its so cute and really suites you. Loving the outfit as usual :)
Anonymous said…
i love your earrings and the tights!
L & V said…
i love the tights! glad to hear you are back, in the U.S with jason again!

(lovin' Linda)
thomessa said…
Love the houndstooth tights!
You have been blogging very religiously from Jason's place. You must be having fun! Love the houndstooth tights, didn't you have a houndstooth coat or sweater?

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