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hi everyone!
Still working night shift and I feel like a zombie. Lying in bed is so nice isn't it. Just too bad you spend most of your time just in bed when you're working nigh shift, however, there's nothing better then a cup of tea, watching How I meet your mother, being cozy in bed. before you have to run to work again. 
I have to ask, I guess an after effect of having a cold is a stuff ear/ears. Mine is totally clogged at the moment. I can hear...but not much, and it SUCK! it is so annoying and uncomfortable. I'm not a 100% well still, maybe that's why it hasn't gone away (3 days later.) But if there's anyone out there that knows what to do about it, I would be so happy!! I need to get rid of it, I feel stupid at work too. LOL, I'm like "what?-----WHAT?....what?....What you say?" Turning my "Good" ear towards the person speaking. Omg, HELP ME! :D


Anonymous said…
You look so pretty!!!! i love how natural you are :)
Adrienne said…
You look fab for a sicko :) I've been plagued with bad ears whenever I get the sniffles. I would say put a warm compress on your ear and on your neck right under your ear. Don't stick any peroxide, ear drops, or olive oil in it, take it from me, it only makes it worse :)

thomessa said…
These photos of you are really pretty, and that print on that top is lovely!
Anonymous said…
your top looks super cute LOVE LOVE the print you should do an OOTD for this outfit!

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