Tired feet

Work is keeping me busy, had my first day yesterday in more then 3 weeks, felt a bit rusty, and my body took a hard hit, especially my feet and legs omg, my body has never been so tired in a long time. I was exhausted, so I've spent most of the day today lying in bed. :P It's so nice to be lazy sometimes. 
Anyways, hopefully I'll get the chance to do a OOTD soon. Gotta run to work again.

Thanks for following lovelies.


Eva said…
Oh, I feel the same way, about school :( You made me lust for the lazy days, called weekend so much! :D I love your nailpolish ♥
Anonymous said…
i love the art on your wall, and the color on your feet :)
At least we have turquoise nails to greet us in place of your OOTD posts!
M I N G said…
I seep in lazy days.. I rarely get them when school come around.

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