Details & Best friend

I'm proudly presenting Maria, my Best friend aka Booty call. I'm proud to say that she's been my friend for the last 13 years or so, I'm very grateful for that. We don't get to see each other then often today because of various circumstances, like living in different cities, busy working etc. but we'll always have our strong bond. She came to my city today, Uppsala, on a beautiful sunny day, it was AWESOME! Had lunch, did some minor shopping at the SALES (show later, for sure!)
Also had to snap a photo of her gorgeous Alexa bag, and awesome nail polish color. God, I wish I could wear nail polish more often. Also a picture of my newly bought fringe bag from HM, Thoughts?

Anyways, this is my weekend off work so expect a lot of updates, I'm sorry for being so slow on posts, but there was a snow blizzard here the other day, chaos, it's another story but yeah, that really beat me down.

Thanks for reading and following, love you all.


Anonymous said…
i love the nail polish color, and the photos look great :)
Sarah Whitney said…
You guys are absolutely adorable together, and both super stylish! :D

PS, I'm obsessing over that bag in the last pic!
Ti Dickenson said…
love the bag, whats weird is that I was just sitting here thinking to myself I need to go back to h&m and get that fringe bag I seen.
Unknown said…
I love both of your purses! That nail polish color is so beautiful, I actually went to the store in search for something comparable, I found one but it is a bit more gray.
Marian said…
your bestie is so cute :)! and i like you bag although i'm not a fringe person. x
Both of you look so gorgeous together! Two heartbreakers for sure!
Maria said…
Totally love you, bestie:) / Booty call
Kolla in min och Sandras nya blogg.
Anonymous said…
I have to know what colour/brand that nail polish is!?

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