Not without my winter jacket...

What I'm wearing: White longs sleeve top from Ginatricot, Black and white striped skirt from HM, Black leggings from Pieces, Booties from Skopunkten.

When staying in Jersey Jason held a fast grip of my winter jacket from Everest. It is a unisex (You-and-I-sex, makes me think about Joey from Friends saying and he looked really good in it, but it's a + 100 $ jacket and I was thinking about gifting it to him, late Christmas gift perhaps. but...I can't afford a new one and you will the Sweden if you don't wear a good winter jacket. :P So the last day when I had to leave, Jay snatched my jacket of the hanger, hugged it tight as he jumped into bed, rolling around with it and whined a little bit. And then he gave me that cute puppy eyes, it was hard to say no. And then he was like. "Don't worry baby. you can have it." Like it was his decision in the first place, Pffhh!! Guys...:P
Anyways, just reminded me myself yesterday when I got dressed how much I love this combo, Mini skirts paired with tops. So easy, so comfortable, so flattering. Thoughts?


Unknown said…
you and Jason are so cute!! <3

I love the outfit personally, looks like one of my own ;) lol good taste!
I think this miniskirt and tee combo works very well for you because you always look extraordinary in it.
Anonymous said…
Jason is too adorable, and you look hot! i love the outfit combo!
Sarah Whitney said…
That jacket looks like it could keep you warm in the arctic! Love that you paired it with a mini skirt ;)
Mode Plus said…
I've been rocking my tube skirts (H&M) just because:
1. you look good in an instant
2. they fit my curves like a glove
3. it's so darn easy
So girl, I get the love for this combo. Love it :D

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