OOTD Fitted

Wearing my new top bought on SALE from Monki, for only 60 SEK. As you can see it's lower in the back then in the front, isn't it cool? Really like this top, like that it's fitten too. Don't you Curvy girls out there be scared of wearing something that's tight, just wear "shape-up" panties (My best friend), or spanxs :D
Have a great day everyone and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Anonymous said…
Great outfit! i love the shirt/dress :)
Anonymous said…
Haha what a coincidence you're talking about 'cause after collecting pictures of curvy celebs for my job, I was totally obsessed by the fact they didn't have a big tummy or love handles even if they were fat. And they were wearing very tight dresses. Then I remembered the existence of girdles & spanx and I got myself one while I was in London, at Primark, super duper cheap :D
Natalie Mulford said…
Oh I like this outfit! I love how the top is longer at the back! I also like the look of your shoes!!
The back part of this top is really cute! It covers up really well. LOL.
Mode Plus said…
Monki is such a cute brand. I have to travel an hour to get to the store and I'm too lazy :/ Love the fitted shirt.

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