OOTD Second time around

So wearing my favorite combo again, mini skirt and top. FOR THE WIN!
Paired it together with my lace up wedges, that I wish I could wear more often, they are a little too high to drive in, you know to the point where it feels a little bit uncomfortable, unsafe, and weird. Maybe I just need to get used to it,
do you drive in high heels?
Ps. Also just wanted to say how cool it was to read about what you all do for a living, AND I know right!? Schools are free, but we Swede's pay a lot of Taxes. (I pay 30%, which feels like half my pay check when I get my salary. LOL) In the end, Sweden is a great place to live, but I want to do something new, I want to live "The American dream". 


Valdovinos said…
I drive in heels when I'm wearing heels, which isn't often. I'm actually really, really bad at wearing heels, even wedges. I'm not used to it and I look like a newborn Bambi.
J-Jones said…
Your outfit is hot! I can barely walk in heels, so I definitely do not attempt to drive in them, lol. It feels weird and unsafe to me. I always try to bring an extra pair of flip-flops or something to change into whenever I'm driving.
Unknown said…
Cute outfit girl, I really have to start giving H&M more of a chance. I use to shop at H&M all the time but I gained weight and couldn't fit into most of the clothes.

I never drive in heels, I usually take them off. Granted, I hardly wear heels, it's a problem - I know.
M I N G said…
Ulrika said…
Love the skirt, it´s so versatile. haha, I drive with high heels all the time and so far so good. :) Although, maybe I should stop, might not actually be that safe..xxx
Unknown said…
First, thank you for the sweet comment on my recent post <3 :)

Secondly, this is one of my favorite combos! BOOM!
Third, I experience that moment where i'm thinking maybe I shouldn't drive in these said heels or wedges lol but I do it anyway! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the boots and outfit!
I can't drive with shoes on at all. Not even flats!
Ria said…
I love the skirt and the wedges.I don't drive at all, so I can wear them all the time!
Happy weekend!

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