Saturday night wish list

I love looking at different blogs wish list and etc. Asos curve is a big favorite, I have yet not made my own order, I always stop myself, but shipping is free worldwide now so what the hell am I waiting for?! :D Well, my pay check...not many days left now. Here are some of my current favorites right now from Asos Curve and's shoe collection. (all under 500 SEK. What a steal!)
Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Sophia's Lover said…
Taj Mahal

The Taj, mayhap, to you may seem, a mark of love supreme
You may hold this beauteous vale in great esteem;
Yet, my love, meet me hence at some other place!
How odd for the poor folk to frequent royal resorts;

cherry vidal said…
love that t-bar peep toe shoe! overly sexy!
Unknown said…
I have been lusting over that lace dress from ASOS, me wants it! And I love the black shoes, I always tend to gravitate towards the black wedged heels. Good picks.

Anonymous said…
Fab shoes! I want!! Too bad I'm no longer good walking in them. I suspect pounding in heels and platforms all throughout my 20s has ruined my back and knees
Anonymous said…
Lace seems to be in style now! i love the lace dress.
Unknown said…
I really want those shoes!

Would your visit my blog to!
i want that first dress and the wedges with the zippers!
Curvy Debbie said…
I love wedges!! The third one, in black I have the same!!!
scarves said…
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