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Just wanted to share some of my resent favorite outfit posts from a few of my favorite fashion blogs.
I have so many favorites, but these 6 blogs are on the top right now. These outfits really make my heart beat out of excitement of wanting to dress to impress as well. I'm truly inspired, just so you know ;)
Keep it up.


Anonymous said…
OMG I have a crush on Frantic Dream outfit ! Didn't know her blog, it's so nice, thx for sharing :) !
Anonymous said…
I totaly agree!!! Those girls are so beautiful.
Thanks to share it with us!
Anonymous said…
how cute! they all have great styles! I'll definitely check them out :)
Thanks for the links! I knew only two of the bloggers so you gave me a pick to a new world :)
Thank you darling for the plug! So nice to suddenly find my picture here!
CurvyGirlChic said…
Awww thanks hun!!! <333 Any chance you can make it to NY for FFFWeek in June?? Definitely want to hang out again! :D
Ragini said…
OMG! And yay for discovering new blogs!

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