Two pieces and bathing suits

From, Jsfn, Abecita and Fresh Spirit.

Summer isn't even close to begin with here in Sweden, but I can't help but to dream about these pieces. I'm def. looking for a high waist bottom, and something romantic vintage looking on top like the 3 two piece's above from Abecita, check their stuff out, they got some amazing pieces! 
Getting (almost forcing, getting over the fear and insecurities about my body and what people would think) myself used to wearing two pieces last summer has really made me excited about the beach this year as well,
Know I know exactly what I want to wear now and what fits me, what I'm comfortable in, fuck what everybody else thinks about a "fat" girl wearing a two piece ;) , and I need to get my hands on some of the above pieces. Thoughts?


Anonymous said…
Hey. You're such an inspiration. I'm curvy too and proud of it. I'm getting used with my body. I'm new with your blog and just read all your blog posts. It's amazing. I always don't dare to wear two pieces but you inspired me to wear one. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. I even plan to create my own blog for curvier girls. Hope you're reading this. xoxo.
What a great post! I'm on the east coast this week and its getting warmer over here - makes me think about bathing suits are gonna be the hot trend this summer. My fav is that Abecita on the right - so cute!!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you know what to wear! you picked great pieces :)

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