About a year ago...

...I was living with Jason, we rented an apartment in the city, I had LONG hair...and when looking at these pictures right now I really want my long hair back! omg. haha, why did I cut my hair?! Anyways, and a bit lighter I would say, I'm still comfortable today with what my body looks like, but...for my health's sake I wouldn't mind to go back to what I was...gotta start working on that, why does it have to be so hard though?
Today, I live at home, Jason's not here and I cut my hair and I gained 10 kgs. Hrrm, doesn't sound that good does it, haha! omg, life's crazy. I look back to one year ago and kind of wants to go back to what was...but, I have to look forward! Right? I know great things will come...

Anyone feel the same about your own past, do you like it better one year ago, or today?
Thanks for reading.


Eva said…
That's why I'm so terrified of cutting my hair! I wanna try shorter hair, but i never want to cut my long pretty hair, not even bangs, not even a few cm of ends haha.

These pictures are lovely and if you wouldn't tell, I wouldn't think you gained any weight at all. You're still pretty! :)

I never look back in past, i'm looking forward to future and living today.

Ulrika said…
I liked this post and could really relate to it.
In march 2009 Me and David were just finishing uni and were really happy and looking forward to the future.
In march 2010, we were living in the attic of my dad´s house, I had two jobs and studied fulltime to support us as David was unemplyed due to not knowing the language here in finland and life was pretty sucky, And I had also gained 10 kgs. :S
But now march 2011 I am graduating, we have our own flat and David studies and we plan on starting over again in england, so life is pretty good again. :)
I hope you and Jason don´t have to be long distance for much longer, can defo relate to all the recidency permit and everlasting paperwork and financial stuff though!
Adrienne said…
I feel that way all the time, wish I could go back to the body I had when I was 21, a size 16, and 40 pounds lighter. I have lost some weight over the years from my But it's been a great learning experience, and I actually love myself now, unlike when I was 21.

Honestly though, you look the same to me, gorgeous and stylish :)
Anonymous said…
A year ago, I was living in Sweden, in my own apartment, far away from family, but also from friends, trying to find new ones (which later on appeared to be way better than the friends I used to have) 5 kg lighter. Still a student.

Now I'm back in Belgium, back home living with my family. I've cleaned my "friends list", still in touch with my friends from Sweden who I'm gonna visit in less than a month (EXCIIIIITED!). And I'm done with studies: working !

Wow. I actually love your post. It really makes me realize how everything can change in a year. And just like you, I'm looking forward to see what's coming next :)...

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