ANTM's Fiercely real model

I am a big America's next top model fan, I've followed the show since it started, and of course always, ALWAYS rooted a little bit extra for all the "plus size" or curvy models in the competition. Last season (cycle 15) there were NO "fiercely real plus size" models in the competition, if you ask me I thought all of the contestants of last season were skinny as sticks all of them, all beautiful of course, but you wanna see some curves, am I right? So this season Tyra Banks has entered Kasia Pilewicz to cycle 16 of ANTM. Hurray! You may recognize her from the "Every body is beautiful" spread in V magazine 63 last year. (see leo printed body suit.)
(Source of pictures
Just wanted to share some pictures, and see what you think about this seasons "Fiercely real plus size" model Kasia? Do you follow the show? 
If you're not a US resident I know a great youtube channel that posts the episodes where I watch the current season.

Jason's finally here, but we've been sleeping all morning, and it's a snow storm outside and I have to go to work soon, night shift, so there's not any fun pictures unfortunately right now. haha. But I'm so happy he's here.


Anonymous said…
I don't really get it... If she has already been featured in a V magazine spread, why would she take part of that kind of show?

And thanks for the link, it's been ages that I've been wanting to catch up on ANTM!
Unknown said…
Always great to see a plus sized pretty girl get some modeling work. I love pictures 1, 3, 4, and 9.
Rachele said…
She is such a doll!

vie silencieuse said…
well, I think she's awesome because 1. She's Polish and 2. she's plussize.
But on the other hand I'm not a fan of her face being the same in every photo

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