Crystal Renn in "Stand by".

Don't really know what to make out of this short movie clip by Jason Last, Renn goes crazy by insomnia?
What do you think? 
But it is interesting, and I've never seen a video like this before of Crystal, I guess you could call it a motion editorial (?)...reminds me of Tyra Banks first motion editorial on cycle 15 of Americas next top model, did anyone see it? . Crystal Renn sure is working it, looking gorgeous as always!
So I thought I should share it with you all. :)
Thanks for reading *hearts*


Sarai said…
i just think it's a gorgeous woman, in a fabulous dress no less, laying on a couch.
Mode Plus said…
I love this whole concept of motion editorial. And I do think that CR evokes the tormented lover very well. Thnx for sharing!

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