Denim on Denim

Denim leggings from Forever21 plus size, Top from HM, Denim Jacket from Vila, Rings are various, Earrings from HM, White converse sneakers.

Since Jason got here I haven't been off work a single day, well almost, just ONE day but I had a staff meeting then so, it didn't really feel like I was off work then as well as I've only worked night shift, so. FINALLY this is my last nigh shift for this week, and I'll be off this weekend and I'll have loads of time to spend with Jay. For starters there's a party to attend tomorrow night and I know JUST the DENIM dress I'm gonna wear :D Excited? Well, I am too. It's so fierce and I haven't had the chance to wear it before. Anyways, This is a very everyday look, when I want to be comfortable to the max I wear my sneakers, leggings and my Denim jacket and this Denim on Demin look really works, I've never tried it before, looks alright.
Thoughts on Denim och Denim? Yay or Nay?


Unknown said…
I keep saying I am going to mix denim but fear won't let me... but seeing how great you look in double denim... I think I will try it very soon. Did I mention you look great?!!
Unknown said…
People always say denim on denim is a no no, but I wear what I want LOL, and I think you pulled it off wonderfully:-)
Mia said…
It looks so comfortable, great for the university or school, I like the statement of the outfit.
Gemma D said…
Love this outfit, and denim on denim is great. Hope you have a great time with Jay xx

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