Dress nr. 2

What I'm wearing: Dress HM, Denim Jacket from VILA, Stockings from We love Colors, Black Suede booties from HM, Belt from Ellos.
Omg, I have too many dresses, I'm dress obsessed, this dress is a perfect example on a dress that I LOVED at first sight, got it and never wore it more than once. BAD ME! So tomorrow I'm attending a flee market to sell some stuff I don't use and etc. and I think this one is going on the rack. I like the flower pattern, but the fit is a bit awkward, and even after giving it a chance yesterday it didn't really rock my world. or am I wrong? :) Yay or nay?
However I'm thrilled to have gotten an awesome pic. of my we love color tights, this light really shows of the color to it's fullest. Love it.

And to everyone that wants to join me on this challenge, start today, tomorrow or whenever, it doesn't matter :) I'm just happy you're doing it, it's exciting and just be sure to hit me up with a link or something so that I can follow up :D
Thanks lovelies!


Marian said…
I think that dress fits you quite good! You shouldn't sell it, just give it another few chances, then, if you dont like it, go ahead and sell it. x
Anonymous said…
I have the same dress and i love it! :) Looks great on you!

Anonymous said…

Please can you resize or compress your photos as they take way too long to load.

PS I also dig this dress, do not sell
Taisha said…
The dress looks great!!!! But if you're not inspired why keep it! Flower power!
ACtually I like it, against the snowy backdrop, you look like a spring goddess!

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