Dress nr. 5

Stockings from HM, Dress from Forever21, Cardigan from HM, Lace up booties from Skopunkten. Butterfly ring from HM.

So tomorrow morning I pick up Jason at the Airport outside of Stockholm. I am so excited and I can not wait to finally see him, I'm thinking about bringing my camera to snap i picture of him at first sight to capture a (somewhat) romantic moment. I've missed him so much!
Also, I admit defeat in this 27 dresses challenge, I succeeded last year, piece of cake, but today, I just can't seem to be able to put together something inspiring every single day, however this is what I wore the other day and I love this outfit, the stockings together with the similar pattern dress, and the black and white combo. So, this outfit I'm gonna share with you guys, but the one from today was. "Hello-I'm tired-uninspired-old dress-off to work real quick-no make up-oily hair-no sunlight"- day. So it sucked. 
haha! Sometimes it just doesn't work, BUT! I promise you I AM wearing dresses everyday though, I'm just not showing off all of them ;) Dresses are gods gift to women. Thank you.


Morgaine said…
the tights are amazing! you look lovely.x
Unknown said…
I absolutely love this outfit, it is great!
Great !! Dress, tights & cardigan perfect association.
StephanieDJL said…
LOVE those tights!
Natalie Mulford said…
Those stockings are amazing!

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