Drooling over...

...these current pieces from ASOS Curve.
I think what I love the most about them are how they are put together, the whole outfits, it's just right ON what I'd love to wear, simple, comfortable, chic. 
I know I've said this before, but, I need to get my hands on these pants and dresses when I get my next paycheck, my closet is in dire need of PANTS, and never will I grow tired of pretty spring dresses ;)

Also, is it only me but don't you wish the models for Asos Cruve would have a little bit more "cuurves" I would die if Tara Lynn would model for them, thing is that I have a hard time imagining how these pants would look on me with my wide butt, big thighs, and hips when looking at these straight size models.


Harsharan Landa said…
I love the pretty dresses! The dark haired model is considered "plus size" in the modelling world even though she's only a UK size 14. xx
nicolette said…
I actually REALLY love the new model. And agreed, all these pieces and the styling for them is fantastic!
Bethany. said…
It's all very well for other commenters to say a model is 'considered plus size' just because she's a size 14, but this range only starts at a 20. So if they don't have a size 20 girl modelling the collection, what's the point in having a model at all? The clothes won't look like this on a size 20-26 person, and having them on a size 14 model won't help them sell! I'm with you, I think an actually curvy model would make a whole lot of difference to me buying these clothes, especially as I'm a size 18 myself so I'd be buying a size up in the first place.
You have to agree. I bought the blue dress. Haha i am 5'5 so it ended up just a little above my ankles! But still loving it. I'll send you a link when I wear it so you can check out if you like it :)
Katrin said…
I think they have really gorgeous models, but as the collection stars at 20 it would be nice to see someone in a size 20, wouldn't it? But if you compare them to their straight size models, you see a big difference, I think some of them are only about size 2 or so..

I am excited about pants at the moment!
StephanieDJL said…
I'm so in love with Naomi! She could model a bin bag & I'd wanna buy it LOL

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