Flea market fun

Sorry for being so slow on update, I'm supposed to update more frequently now when I'm doing the "27 dresses challenge" some maybe can already tell I'm a day behind, I feel like such a failure :) Anyway, Yesterday (Saturday) I wore for the very first time a grey fitted lace dress, I really wanted to take pictures outside but all the neighbours were out and you know...haha, You don't want to "Self-time"-photo yourself in front of them. Awkward. So like vampire, sensitive to neighbours watching I hid in the dark, and couldn't take pictures. Boo...

Today, Sunday, has been such a great and productive day, me and my brother were up early and off to attend a flee market to sell off some old stuff we don't want anymore. Omg, some are like vultures, really intense, but fun at the same time, so happy I got some old clothes and stuff off my hands. Also, got myself some stuff too ;) Love flee markets, you always leave with a couple of fabulous finds.
And it was so much fun hanging out with my BRO for a whole day. (we took lots of outfit pictures after the flee market and they are kick ass, posting tomorrow.)


love that sweater with that floral dress! Too cute u are! <3 your style!

Franceta said…
That dress / sweater combo is BEYOND adorable! Btw, your family has some AMAZING genes, you are beautiful kids! :P

I wish we had markets like that here :( I'd be there every week!
Anonymous said…
I love how you organized everything on the table, it looks so nice & it makes you feel like buying! I've plenty stuff to sell as well but we don't have any indoor markets :( So we have to wait til summer and it's so annoying 'cuz my wardrobe's gonna explode (& I keep on buying new clothes anyway lol).

Your brother seems to have a great style too... He should start fashion blogging haha!
I love that you guys participate in flea markets! So awesome. You both look great -- you're brother is a FOR SURE a menswear inspiration! I totally want a shearling denim jacket now.
Shante said…
looks like you two had a lot of fun! I need to break away and get to a good flea market...the hand shaped jewelery holder could come in handy for all of my rings.

just so you know, I added your button on to my blog under blogs that I love!

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