OOTD Excited and paranoid

what I'm wearing: White size 3XL HM BIB, Black top, stocking from HM, Ring gifted from VIII XXIX, Ring from Indiska, wedges from Skopunkten.

I can not express how much I can't wait to MOVE TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOHO!
I miss my boyfriend, I desperately want to do something different in my life, try something new...something out of my comfort zone, meet a challenge. I'm 23 years old, turning 24!! TWENTY FOUR! Soon to be 25...Oh my god, I think I'm getting age paranoid. I'm getting OLD! I'm not 20 anymore, I want to be 20 years old again. I've been working at my current job for more then 3 years now, time flies! and me and Jason have been going strong for 2 and half year now. It's almost time for marriage and kids? huh? Well, not kids...but....a ring on my finger wouldn't be that bad.


Anonymous said…
Haha is your bf reading that blog :p ?
Talking about being excited, I'm going back to Sweden in a month and I CAN'T WAIT to visit H&M has they seem to have way more stuff in here than in Belgium... Your BiB dress is so cute!
cherry vidal said…
lol your feeling like this already! jeez i'm 28 can you imagine where my mind is at!
love the look and your hair is cute! x
Kenyetta said…
you look fab! i know how you feel im freaking out at 21 but just breath and let life take its course
Eva said…
You're moving to USA?! That's is ah-mazing!! Although I'd miss the snowy posts from Sweden, but still :D

Unknown said…
Vad fin outfit! Ser riktig vårig ut :)
Ja, jag hade åldersnoja när jag fyllde 25, men iår blir jag 26 år...och nu kan vi börja snacka åldersnoja :D haha.

Det blir säkert jättekul att flytta till ett annat land, och så kan vi ju hoppas att du får en ring på fingret ;) I april har jag varit förlovad i fem år, jag hoppas att jag ska stå vid altaret snart- men, vill man ha ett sagobröllop går det bra att vänta.
What a place!!Beautiful ;) Sweden is lovely!!

Cool blog ;D
BBM said…
ure moving ?!?!? WOO-HOO! yay! ure fairy tale is about to reach its happy ever afters. you look like a snow princess by the way. a very fierce one in fact!
With your hair done up and a simple white frock and rings, you look like a bohemian princess!
woo hoo miss you! when are you planning to come?
Mode Plus said…
He would b so lucky :D
Time to explore new things, how exciting.
And hun, age ain't nothing but a number.
Coming from a 30+ feeling timeless :0
Erika said…
If you move to the US, you will be deprived from HM BIB!!

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