OOTD Polka dots

So I'm a sucker for polka dot stockings, or any pattern stockings for that matter. Bought these ones from DIVIDED HM not long ago. DIVIDED is the "teen" section I'd say of HM, and the sizes don't run big, as well as the stockings these are a size M/L, to my happy surprise they fit well, but that clashed as soon as I sat down and they cracked by the seam by the crotch area. Wonderful. :P
However, it doesn't show so I will continue to wear these...with caution though. I love how these polka dots are a bit irregular. More spotty. 
OMG, today has been such a BIG spending day, often on my days of work I spent more money then what I'd expected to, but...anyhow. I got some MARY KAY products and I'm so excited about starting to bring this cleansing routine into my everyday schedule. I'm so bad at taking care of my skin, especially face. Does any of you readers use MARY KAY? :) Also, Bought some items of SALE on Nelly.com, received them today...SCORE! etc.etc.

Thanks for reading, and soon I'll announce the GIVEAWAY winner.


Anonymous said…
OMG your outfit looks so nice! Love the stockings and anything! And what I like the most is that you always have some f*cking hilarious stories to tell relating your clothes hahaha :p
Anonymous said…
i adore this outfit! i like the irregular dots as well on the tights, and the shoes are fantastic.
Anonymous said…
i love this outfit.

lol at the tights , i'd keep wearing them until a hole developed !
Stiletto Siren said…
Those tights are hot! I really love this look, may be one of the best i've seen in the sphere this week!
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you so much! :D
Giant Screamer said…
The tights look wonderful on you! I like the "spot-iness" of the polka dots- ADORBS.

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