The red carpet

Better late then never? favorite outfits/dresses of this years Oscars. Wasn't that much to "wow" about this year on the red carpet though, over all is was kind of "blah". But I do love these creations above, and I also have to say that I was very disappointed with Jennifer Hudsons dress, sure it was glamorous and all and her body looks amazing, but...THE BOOBS?! do I need to say more?
Anyone feel the same that they kind of ruined it? You could at least had done something about the tan lines, eek.



vc said…
I like the colors but my fave is the one Mandy more is wearing, she look very elegant!
Unknown said…
I really love the color of Scarlett Johansson's dress.
Anonymous said…
I have the same crushes than yours :D I'm absolutely crazy about Jennifer Lawrence's dress, I could totally wear it 'cause it's so simple but so chic at the same time: LOVE IT! I would just have put Natalie Portman's dress instead of Scarlett's :p. She's even more glowing now that she's pregnant & the colour of her Rodarte dress was just awesome <3

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