Skinny jeans and high heels

Cardigan from Target, Top from HM, Rings and Earrings from Lindex, Denim jeans from New York & Co., Black heels from HM.
I love these heels from HM but I can't walk in them for the life of me. haha!
So, they are eye candy for now. However I love these Skinny jeans from New York & Co. They are perfect, really tight and the perfect lenght. :D New York & Co. rules!
Now I have to get ready for the party tonight. Have a great Saturday!


Rikke said…
You look stunning. I love the combo of skinny jeans and ultra high heels. Keep practicing and you'll be able to run in them, I'm sure! Have a great party tonight xo
Cierra said…
Very Cute!

Fat Girl Blog
Fat Aus said…
love the heels!
Amanda Allison said…
You are killing it with those shoes!
Falala Mele said…
um those shoes are amazing!!!
Unknown said…
omg those shoes are so sexy! absolutely love them and this outfit, sigh* I wish I could still fit into my skinnny jeans :(
Mia said…
The Skinny Jeans have a nice wash, very stylish combination with the sexy heels, love the style, Hope u had a great Party.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it crazy how a pair of heels can sex up an outfit? And you're a sexy Jenny in that one!
I think you look hot in this! The jeans and shoes really makes you look model-ish as with the bun up hair!

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