Today's wish list

Things I like this Wednesday. I'm really loving HM's new shoe collection, the color blue is my favorite this season, ASOS Curve never disappoints, besides the prices I love these two pieces and wished I owned them. You can always dream right? Same goes for the Belle of the ball dress from The perfect little black dress, the lace details are smokin' hot! Lace never goes wrong, like the black lace shorts from Forever21 plus size, those are a must! Animal printed scarf, love it! A big ass silver ring, love it! Must have it, and a cute ruffled denim skirt, ON SALE, at HM I need it.
Hope you all have a great day! and thanks for reading.


Unknown said…
I love all the blue as well. I love the lace dress as well, I'm such a sucker for lace. Loves it.
Unknown said…
Gosh that was a lot of "as well" in one sentence.
Natalie Mulford said…
Love the Igigi dress! So great!

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