Window Shopping

HM in my heart, I've calculated that the mayority of all my clothes shopping is made at HM when I'm home in Sweden. And right now HM has their so called "club-days" where they offer 10% on everything, EVERYTHING! this is dangerous shit. I've been browsing their website, category for category, all day today, and picked out some goodies, most of them SALES items, cause of course HM are that wonderful to add the 10% off on all SALES items as well, I love you! 
Me loves a good bargain.
So for everyone that can shop online, what are you waiting for!?


That blue ruffles top is mindblowingly beautiful! I would want to wear it with the black skirt and the ballet flats! I don't have no H&M here :(
Anonymous said…
Til when are the club days? Please tell me next week :(
Falala Mele said…
I haven't brought anything online but the more I look, the more Im tempted to JUST DO IT...but them Im scared I may start something that I can not quit >.< but those cute cork heels make me want to reconsidor..


Mele, Australia
Mirka said…
Eep! Those shoes on the right! Dreamy! I fell in love with HM as well lately :))
Anonymous said…
I love your blog but I find it painful to visit because I always see all this great H&M stuff and I don't have one in my town :(
Ohh, and get this, now they have commercials on tv! I'm like: "stop teasing me h&M!"

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