Conscious Collection & Nudes

I sat up all night getting ready for the launch of the Conscious collection online and it was worth it, many of the pieces are sold out now, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the two pieces above, really cute white dress and the white west, what are your thoughts about the collection? If you haven't checked it out yet you should, the clothes are all organic which is cool, but I don't get that the whole collection is ONLY white?
Anyways, also got my hands on some nude colored tops and those really cute heels. Nude is the color I'm wanting atm.
Gotta go Thanks for reading.


Eva said…
Omg the nude tops are sooo cute!
I walked into HM store right after they launched the new collection, not even knowing it and i got myself a shirt and a dress :)
H&M doesn't ship here so it was all look but no buy. Works well for me at this very poor point in life :) But would love for you to wear them and show us!
vie silencieuse said…
you're kiddin right? I've been searchin for that tunic online and in several stores and it's not to be found. so unfair. and I've been sitting up waiting for the collection :(

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