I'm on a roll, I've been in this crazy shopping mood lately, it's crazy, crazy because I haven't even got my paycheck yet, but...it will come soon, and I'm praying to god that it will good. I've worked SO hard these past months and hardly done any shopping at all that I deserve me some goodies. Some fabulous finds on SALE at Nelly.com and now these items from stylebytyra.se.
3 new rings and 3 new earcuffs, I don't own anything like it but I can't wait to rock em'. I think the earrings will go really well with my leather or denim jacket, over-size top, leggings and white converse or boots for a everyday chic look. OMG! I'M SO EXCITED!

What are your thoughts or earcuffs? YAY OR NAY?


vie silencieuse said…
yay. personligt er jeg dog skuffet over at det er i sølv, da jeg bedst kan lide guldfarvede smykker,
JazmineKariss said…
those ear cuffs are amazing! I love the cross!
Anonymous said…
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