Easter witch

I know Easter is just over, but the other day I had some fun dressing up as a modern, more adult version of a "Swedish Easter witch" :P I don't know if you have the same tradition in your country but here in Sweden kids dress up as cute little easter witches, with scarfs, long skirts, all colorfull with blushy cheeks and colored on freakles, and they go around the neighbourhood knocking on peoples doors asking for candy in return for an personal painted easter card. When I was a kid I prepared so many days ahead, drawing easter cards so that I could collect as much candy as possible.
Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday, how did you celebrate easter?
Thanks for reading.


Gazel M. said…
haha it sounds like a cute halloween! :D awe. i love your witch outfit! <3
Falala Mele said…
I REALLY REALLY LIKE your outfit Jennifer! The skirt esp. oh and the freckles xo


MM said…
i love it too - so bright & colourful!!
Those stockings are lovely too~
I stumbled upon your blog the other day...your outfits are rather amazing!!


ZAG said…
Easter witches are sooo adorable!! We don't have that in America, but I wish we did. I love everything about this outfit, its super sexy and confident. The freckles are so cute, lol. My husband really liked your outfit too!
Ariana said…
Sounds like American Halloween! LOVE your outfit, whatever it's for, especially the skirt and tights! You look smokin'!
missdiscoball said…
I Love the skirt! It's soo cute!

I'm from the Faroe Islands (Færøerne) 18 small islands that belong to Denmark. We have this tradition we boil eggs, paint them and the roll them down a hill until the crack and then eta them.. And then it's also tradition too eta duck on ester...
Unknown said…
Love this skirt on you:-)
Miss Case said…
Aw, you are definitely the cutest Easter witch! lol and that skirt- AMAZING on you!!!! Total hotness! :)
Just Daisy said…
wow! I love the colors in that skirt, it's so vibrant and you look amazing! The tights are classic! Love, love, love your blog :)


Elizabeth said…
That is such an awesome tradition - similar to Halloween (in the UK especially where you have to sing or recite a poem or something in exchange for the sweeties/candy).

Also, I love this outfit - the colours are awesome!
Katrin said…
How cute.
I nerver hear of this tradition, but it is such a lovely and nice idea, that you give someone something and get something back!
Also your skirts rockz!
StephanieDJL said…
Ohh this is an adorable tradition!
Anonymous said…
You look so pretty!

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