Filling a void

Can't wait to get these items, I did shop these last week but they never arrived and instead got shipped back without my knowing, that got me so upset, did something wierd there, really annoying, after that I sort of wanted to rant their online shop and not buy anthing after all, but damn, those shoes and that bag, I REALL WANT THEM! So I got them...(*^_^*) But how annoying is that something you order gets shipped back as "returned itmes" without your knowing, it had not even arrived at the post office or in your mail box, it just got shipped back, omg...I was so looking forward to getting my order and now I have to wait even longer. FML. :P
Has this ever happen to you?


Shandi said…
that dress is really cute! i wonder if they ship to the us...hmmm. oh, and the music is so great...i cant tell if that background noise element sounds more like a fairy tap dancing or a sloppy makeout session. do you hear that??? ha.

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