Getting ready for beach 2011

 Beah 2011 here I come, I'm not going on a diet, even though I want to do some adjustment to my lifestyle. My work is my workout, but I want to go for walks at least 2 days a week and cut down on snacks. Since Jason left I've just been at home on my days off, eating a a pig and been lazy. HAHAHAH! So gotta get out of that bad habit. :) But I got my hands on these two bikinis from on SALE, so thrilled about these fabulous finds. 
Just love the gold, flowe patterns, blue, high waist and vintage look.
What do you guys think about the look?


Zatine said…
Vi får börja motionera tillsammans ^^
Promenad på måndag!
Anonymous said…
i love the yellow swimsuit!

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