"me likey"

 A Scottish fold

Hi everyone, it's been a bsuy weekend with lots of work and early mornings. So I've been really "dead" at night when getting home after work and haven't updated in like two days, Oh.....my.....god :P kidding.
That is life. But I've missed you!!! and blogging!!!! *hearts*
So to keep things going, I just want to share some "likes" on this very Sunday night. Do you "like" it as well? That scottish fold cat makes my heart melt...


Em. x. said…
OMG, those first shoes are WOW. Me likey too! They look fab with that handbag too, I am like - YES - GIMME!
Mia said…
hi, I saw a many videos on youtube about the scottish fold cat, they are so sweet with the short ears, I like them so much!!


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