OOTD Bare legs

Just a quick outfit post from a couple of days ago, I bought these shoes from Nelly.com and I love em'! So comfortable to walk in it's insane. Hope you all have a great day I got to run off to work now.
Thanks for following. *hearts*


ohaiphylicia said…
cute :) i absolutely love the skirt you're wearing in your profile picture :)
Simply AMAZING legs you have!! LOVE the shoes.
Fashion Matters said…
that shirt is really nice!!

Mode Plus said…
This is my challenge this summer, showing my bare legs. Wow, yours are looking h.o.t!
Gazel M. said…
You are the master of casual outfits. <3
missdiscoball said…
I cant wait until we get summer weather. We keep having rain, rain and even more rain! And it's hard looking cute when you look like a drowned mouse =)

I <3 the shirt!

Ti Dickenson said…
love this look, but love the shoes more.

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