OOTD Black and white

I love how the weather is getting warmer, I PRIKKIN' LUVE IT! :D
so, just a quick outfit post from the other day, seriously my calves....are about to explode in that pic, lol, I'm like pressing it against my leg behind so it looks massive. :P jeez. Anyhow, I do love my calves so...don't get me wrong, I love em, and they are big and strong...former dancers and soccer calves actually. god I miss being active sometimes...omg...now I'm getting into a depressing lazy-ness mood. Gotta get a grip of myself damn it! :D


You look stunning, as always! puss puss

x Anika
Gazel M. said…
You look great!

Natalie Mulford said…
Love this so much! Those tights are awesome!
Anonymous said…
Älskar din blogg! :)
Where is the jacket from? :)
Kristel Knows said…
<3 thank you so much everyone. :)

Tina: the jacket is from BIB H&M. :)

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