OOTD Show your rolls

Denim jeans from Forever21 +, White shoes from Skopunkten, Black belt from HM, Top from HM, Jacket from HM, Scarf from HM.
Showing off some rolls. ;) as a curvy girl you should be able to wear what ever you want to wear, as long as you feel comfortable right?! To hell with "dress codes". ;) I do have a love/hate relationship with my fat rolls, but in the end I just have to work with em'.  "Make it work" as Tim Gunn says, Love that guy!
Have a great weekend everyone! And don't forget to enter my Giveaway if you haven't already ;) just scroll down a little and you'll find it.


Kenyetta said…
cute casual look and you're right its important to love what you have.
JazmineKariss said…
Lovely outfit, and you are so right!
I love your project runway reference :)
cherry vidal said…
lol i love the name of the post! your rolls are a part of who you are so its good to embrace them lol
Anonymous said…
OMG!!! You are so fat!!!!
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you Anonymous, yes I am. Fat and fabulous!;) is it that shocking? haha.
Anonymous said…
Do you want to loose wight?
Anonymous said…

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