Pictures of the day

Some pictures from the other day when I went to Stockholm with my brother and checked out he's new crib in the big city. We took it easy, took a small walk, got pizza and watched some episodes of "Supernatural". hope you enjoy the pictures, Some pictures are random, I just love Stockholm so  much that I had to capture it on picture as well, and share with you all. Thanks for reading. *hearts*


Rikke said…
What a stylish family! You need to get your brother blogging, too :) I also love Stockholm, would love to visit again soon.

Btw I have a giveaway for a cool, cropped denim jacket from Zizzi. If you would like to enter, please go to my blog:

xoxo Rikke
Natalie Mulford said…
Gosh Stockholm looks gorgeous! I'd love to be able to visit one day! Alas, travelling anywhere from Australia is expencive!
Reka said…
Hi Honey!
I absolutely fall in love with your blog! You're gorgeous! Do u use Photoshop? Or lightroom? Love that your pictures are so "lightful".

PS to your brother: Will you marry me? *.*

xoxo R
Katrin said…
Great pictures, they are so bright! Your outfits is pretty cool as always!

PS: You have such a handsome brother ;) <3

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