Simply Be Grazia dress

I never mention that I won LaCara's Giveaway did I? (  It was a while back but I was so thrilled that I won, so happy! And oh SO excited to pick out an item that I wanted from Simply be. That was the amazing prize. I finally decided on this gorgeous dress from the brand Grazia, and I recived it the other week and I LOVE IT! Size 18. perfect fit! Light dress with really nice details. Thank you so much LaCara! as well as Simply be!
I highly recommend this dress from Grazia, Simply be. If you're thinking about buying it, DO IT! it meets all expectations.

Thanks for reading, also a giveaway is coming up soon so stay tuned! 
(Reached 400 followers a couple of days ago, yay! Thank you so much for following!)


thomessa said…
That is a gorgeous dress, you look so nice :) Congrats on winning that giveaway!
Gabi said…
Solo pretty Jennifer! I love anything with lace...congrats on the win!
ZAG said…
This is top-notch gorgeous, Jennifer. I love the lace detailing and the fact that you thugged out such a feminine dress with a denim jacket. Very VERY pretty! Congrats on the win, and reachng 4000 folowers. That's a huge accomplishment. xoxo
ZAG said…
*400 my keyboard is acting dumb :[
L said…
Yay!! I'm glad you recieved it (I hope it didn't take too long!). You look amazing in it hun! Congrats on reaching 400+ followers! :D

JazmineKariss said…
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
I love the lace and mesh detail:)
Marian said…
You look so cute :)x
Perfect dress! I like the details on the bottom.
dc said…
Perfect!!!!!!!!!You look like an angel!
Luisa said…
This dress is so perfect! (I'm in love with it) *-*

U r amazing!

StephanieDJL said…
Oh wow, that dress is gorgeous! You look lovely.
Rebecca Agra said…
Wow! So beautiful!

Unknown said…
oh, sagolikt! Vilken lyllo du är som går och vinner så fint :D
Anonymous said…
LOVE the dress!
Unknown said…
Beautiful this dress really makes you want to have this one in the closet, pity that here in Brazil we do not have that kind of parts and is very expensive when you have, jennifer big kiss!

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