Stupid everyday photos

Spring is OFFICIALLY in Sweden, praise the lord! Can I get a witness?! Hallelujah, just suck that I'm so pale again, gotta start from scratch and build up that nice summer glow. Right now I'm "Ghost legs". I guess you got to start somewhere. Me and my sister went grocery shopping the other day, enjoyed ice cream, and bought some stuff for our traditional Taco dinner. God, Jessica does some of the funniest faces ever, just had to share. I have millions of them, she snaps pics of herself, only ugly ones, when I'm not aware of it, until I load the pictures from my camera up on my computer, which is....a....nice...surprise (*°_°*), not. Just kidding, I LOVE IT!


JazmineKariss said…
haha so funny I love it :)
Gazel M. said…
You & your sister are too pretty. <3 Love. You guys look so much alike!
Gemma D said…
You both are very pretty :)Love what you're wearing especially your sisters jumper. Enjoy spring! :) xx
Falala Mele said…
you and your sister are sooo cute! HARRAH for great sisters...and ice-cream...and funny faces <3

Mele, Australia
Phillip said…
OMG TÖÖÖÖÖNTAR! kom till sthlm, im lonley!

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