Time flies!

Time really goes by too fast, I'm upset that Jason have to go home in just a week or so, and he's already been here for a month. It's been so nice to have my boyfriend with me that I've lost track of time and I've almost gone into hibernation with him, staying in, just taking it easy and just enjoying eachothers presence. I have wanted to post some pictures of us or him for that matter but he's very camera shy and we've both looked like shit because of staying inside too long. haha. well, he's here and together we're Jasifer...Jasiferslionsclub, that's what we are. And I can not wait until I get my papers from the US immigration. I just want to go to that interview at the US embassy in Stockholm already! :D
*fingers crossed*
Today I visited Stockholm and my brother, some more pictures from that later, stay tuned.


Mia said…
I hope u had Fun in Stockhom:)'

manisha said…
You are so beautiful! Your beauty and confidence is inspiring to me, a girl that has not accepted herself yet. I hope I will quickly though.

Maria said…
Vackra vän

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