30 Letters of Summer

Dear beloved readers,
I've decided to do this challenge "30 lettes of Summer" That I wanted to do last Summer but never got to it, mostly because I thought it was too challenging, I'm not a big "writer" and letters are not my forte. But I'm just gonna open up a little more, lay it out there and go for it, share some facts, emotions and personality. If you want to join me that'd be awesome, just let me know.
Feels good to share, and to be honest this is gonna be hard cause I'm really gonna have to think deep and reflect cause looking at these letters I'm supposed to write I get lost, I have NO idea what to write. haha, wish me luck! And hope you Enjoy.


Claudia said…
That challenge seems totally awesome! I'm gonna try it myself... It's winter here so I guess It's going to be 30 letters of winter lol. I was wondering where did you get your blogger template or layout or whatever people call it lol cuz I'm trying to find one for my own and I don't know what to do. I would be great to get some help from someone with more experience :)
Katrin said…
I will join you on that journey! I am going t write the 30 Letters of Summer on my Tumblr: http://fresheima.tumblr.com/
And I am looking forward to them, let's see how far we get :)
Falala Mele said…
Oh this is good! I might save it here and do it in my summer!

Looking forward to yours though


Unknown said…
Wow I love the idea of this.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you decided to do this! i can't wait to see what you write :)

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