30 Summer letters - day 1

Dear Poopie,
You know you are my best friend, or BFF so we call it. Best Friend Forever. Forever, that is a strong word, like...forever?!...but you SO are! we've been friends for so many years now I can't remember the year we meet the first time. It's been a long and good friendship and we have so many great memories that I'm positiv this friendsip is gonna live forever. Even though we don't talk everyday, or see eachother that often we have that string attached to eachtoher, the bond, so when we finally meet it's like time never passed. I never feel that we outgrown eachother which is comforting, when you moved to another city in our teen years of course I was worried we were gonna grow apart. I'm so happy we didn't...I think it's fate we didn't.
You are my childhood, we hung out almost everyday, you were then and are to day the friend I know the best, can talk to about anything if I need to, and seek comfort. Best memories I have with you must be all the travel we've done, that you came to Philippines with my family was amazing, what a blast Anyway. I love you "BFF" ;) you mean so much to me! Lets grow old together as best friends.

Yours truly,


Unknown said…
This is soo sweet, im doing the 30 day challenge but its a little different to yours..

check it out if you like

Anonymous said…
OMG... im crying right now...
Kommer aldrig glömma våra galna upptåg. Vår musikkarriär och våra lååånga telefonsamtal.
Och vi kommer känna varandra föralltid, till tiden tar slut! Föralltid BFFFFFFF's
Love you so much *heart*

Anonymous said…
How sweet !

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