Birthday bash picture fest


Hi everyone! This weekend has been a blast, first of me an my sister went shopping a little bit, and I got my hands on these fabulous denim shorts worn in the pics. and also a pair of navy blue chinos that fit amazingly, yay! After that I got myself all dolled up and headed to the BIG CITY of Sweden Stockholm where my very best friend Maria had her Birthday party! Maria is the sex bomb in the light brown bodycon dress and fabulous necklace. The party started of with a BBQ dinner, and finished of with a delicious cheesecake with lots of drinks and champagne. Everyone looked gorgeous and I just have to share some pictures from the night, we ended the night at a night club, it was crazy, super crowded, loud music, and lots of dancing, (around a VIP table seated with 3 huge american football players from New York, their personalities disappointed me a little when they didn't live up to my dream image of New Yorkers.) it was when they had a problem with my brother being around (maybe the american football players only wanted to be surrounded by girl?) that I decided that I wasn't gonna take that "bs" and wanted to leave the area. Yes I was a little drunk and I might have cried *rolleyes* I guess I'm a little over dramatic however family means the world to me and "nobody puts baby in the corner" if you know what I mean, after they saw that I got upset all of a sudden it was OK. Hm. OK...well, whatever was said I felt out of place and I didn't want to start a pitty party. So me and my brother decided to leave and that is when I noticed how totally OUT my brother was, we got out of the huge dancing crowd and my brother lost his balance a little and we stopped for a minute and that's when the annoying club bouncers jumped on us telling us we had to leave. No kidding?! I'm on my way...I WANT TO LEAVE! that pissed me off so much, like get off me, we are on out way out leave us a lone don't make scene ass hole! Thinking back to it now I get so mad...he wasn't to any help at all more holding us back and told us we had to go out the back as soon as I knew the direction I walked ahead without them with my brother tightly around my arm, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Bouncer frikkin' think they are big shots, they don't even ask what's going on/if everything is OK before they start deciding for you basically. Oh you think you're cool for "throwing us out of the club" we were on our way out dumb fuck. Aaahhh! You feel me? Ok, release...I just needed to rant a bit it's out of my system now. All in all it was a great night, thank you so much for a great night girls! and again, Happy Birthday Maria. *hearts*


Gazel M. said…
wooooow rude bouncers!
you and your bro = babes as usual
Unknown said…
aww!!! U look soo cute! I love the pic of u posing next to the grill!!!
mies said…
You looked amazing girl!
Too bad the night didn't end that well.

Thick Threads said…
you look great! :)

J-Jones said…
The food looks delicious! And everyone looks fabulous.
Anonymous said…
How fun! you look so pretty!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's funny how the perception is different between single pictures and group shots. I always assumed you were tall, until the picture of you and your girlfriends, where you look like a tiny little thing! Adorable!
Anonymous said…
Not happy to read about how the bouncer treated you, I agree - they reaaallly think they are some kind of cop.
Wasnt any fun after you and Phillip left anyway! :)
Thank you Poopie, love you forever. So glad you came:)
Love the blazer with shorts!! You look adorable, jennifer!

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